In light of recent increases in COVID-19 cases, Campbellsville University is continuing its COVID Response Plan for the fall 2022 semester. Though restrictions have eased substantially, the University community is expected to continue to demonstrate care and compassion for those around us. As we navigate and recalibrate to a more normal campus routine, this process will require substantial innovation in campus services for employees and students and highly creative efforts for establishing an immensely engaging collegiate environment for the entire CU community, no matter whether on the main campus, on a regional site, or online.


This document, while outlining the current policies surrounding COVID-related issues for student and employee stakeholders, is also a resource for students and employees alike.


Vaccinations & Testing[1]

At this time, Campbellsville University is not requiring its students or employees to be vaccinated. The University does encourage its members to consider receiving an approved COVID vaccine or booster shot if eligible. In an effort to facilitate access to vaccines, the University will continue to partner with local agencies to offer COVID vaccines to those who are interested.


Effective September 2, 2022

If an employee tests positive for COVID, Campbellsville University may require them to complete a period of isolation. It is the expectation that an employee who is isolated will continue to work remotely to the greatest extent possible. If any employee is unable to work remotely while isolated, they will need to use any available sick or vacation leave to cover their time away from work. Employees who do not have available sick or vacation would be on unpaid leave.

Employees who may have been exposed to someone with COVID should monitor their health closely and seek out testing if symptoms develop. Close contacts will not be required to quarantine.

For questions around this change, or to report positive COVID tests, please reach out to Assistant Director of Human Resources, Andrea Settle, at


Physical Distancing

Campbellsville University students and employees are encouraged to continue practicing safe physical distancing to reduce the spread of COVID at a minimum of three (3) feet. If classes, gatherings, or events are occurring in larger physical spaces (indoors), individuals should consider maximizing use of the space to promote physical distancing. Unvaccinated individuals are encouraged to maintain six (6) feet of physical distance from others


Facial Coverings

Throughout the pandemic, the use of facial coverings has been an issue that has sparked much debate. We have been monitoring state and federal guidance and best practices throughout the COVID pandemic and will continue to do so. As we seek to demonstrate an ethic of care for the University community, Campbellsville University encourages employees, students, and all visitors to wear a facial covering when in indoor public or common areas, regardless of vaccination status, especially when social distancing is not possible.


Handwashing and Hand Sanitizing

Campbellsville University will continue to ensure that sufficient handwashing and hand sanitizing supplies are provided. All individuals should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds after being in a public place and/or touching an item or surface frequently touched by other people, such as door handles, tables, screens, and before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.



In addition to handwashing and promoting good personal hygiene, Campbellsville University will continue to regularly clean and disinfect all public spaces and high-touch surfaces.



Because the risk of COVID transmission is lower outdoors, University employees and students are encouraged to make use of outdoor spaces for events and gatherings. The University will also continue to ensure proper indoor ventilation and air filtration in all University-owned buildings.


Common Areas

Campbellsville University employees and students should ensure that while utilizing shared spaces indoors, physical distancing is maintained and congregating is reduced. These spaces will also be configured in such a way that facilitates and enables proper physical distancing.


Contact Notification Responsibilities

Campbellsville University will continue to collaborate with local health departments and agencies in the event an employee or student tests positive or is exposed to COVID-19. Examples of information that may be provided to a health agency includes, but is not limited to: work or class schedule, hours or shifts worked, when potential exposure occurred, and names and contact information of others potentially exposed to the virus.

[1] Campbellsville University employees who have employer provided health benefits through Humana can use the following link to find current information on testing and vaccination policies related to cost, limits, approved vaccines and more: Humana COVID FAQ

[2] Unvaccinated employees who are unable to work during a period of isolation or quarantine must use any available sick and/or vacation leave to cover time off. Employees who have been vaccinated will not have to use any accrued time in the event they need to complete a period of isolation or quarantine.

[3] Students who are completing a period of isolation or quarantine are encouraged to go home as soon as possible to continue any medical care and home isolation/quarantine. During these periods, students will be able to continue coursework remotely.

[4] Employees who are quarantined should choose the most appropriate option in consultation with their direct supervisor. Employees in quarantine are also expected to continue working remotely to the greatest extent practicable.

With questions on quarantine or isolation protocols for students, contact: 

Khalil Baker - 


Counseling and Mental Health Services

Erin Jarrett, Director of Counseling Services - (270) 789-5070

Sara Mardis, Clinical Counselor - (270) 789-5415

Misty Curry, Clinical Counselor - (270) 789-5557


Pastoral Counseling

Trent Creason, Campus Minister - (270) 789-5115


Student Services

Rusty Watkins, Dean of Students - (270) 789-5047

Kaitlyn Overstreet, Student Services Coordinator (Harrodsburg) - (859) 605-1389 ext. 9051




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