Undergraduate Programs - Traditional  Per Semester Charge
         Tuition 12 - 18 hours, flat rate $13,749
         Less than 12 hours, per hour charge $1,146
         Overload - more than 18 hours, per hour charge $500
         Audit, per hour charge $50
         Summer & Winter Terms, per hour charge $424
Technology Fee - (full time ≥ 12 hours) $150
         Technology Fee (part-time < 12 hours) $75
Student Activities Fee - (full time ≥ 12 hours) $100
         Student Activities Fee (part-time < 12 hours) $50
Room/Board Per Semester Charge
         North Hall, Stapp Hall, South Hall West $4,494
         South Hall East, Broadway Hall $5,053
         Men's and Women's Village $5,448
 Undergraduate Non-Traditional Programs   Per Hr Rate
         Taylor Regional Hospital (Full Time Employees) $424
         Post-Baccalaureate $424
         Visiting Student/Special Students/Senior Scholars $424
         High School Dual Credit $93
 Graduate Programs   Per Hr Rate
         Master of Arts in Music (MAM) $445
         Master of Arts in Music: Musicology (MAMU) $445
         Master of Arts in Music: Worship (MAMW) $445
         Master of Music: Conducting (MMC) $445
         Master of Music: Instrumental Performance (MMIP) $445
         Master of Music: Piano Performance & Pedagogy (MMPPP) $445
         Master of Music: Vocal Performance & Pedagogy (MMVPP) $445
         Master of Arts in Sport Management (MASM) $445
         Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MTESOL) $445
         Master of Management and Leadership (MML) $529
         Master of Business Administration (MBA) $529
         Post-Master Artist Diploma (PM) $445
A $75/term Technology Fee will be assessed each term.  
Doctoral Program  Per Hr Rate
         Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A) in Information Technology Management $720
         PhD in Management: Leadership, Cyber Technology Management, Accounting  $720
A $75/term Technology Fee will be assessed each term.  
Certificate Programs   Per Hr Rate
         Graduate Certificate in English $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Reporting $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Digital/Social Media $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Marketing/Public Relations $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Jazz $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Service Playing - Emphasis in Organ $424
         Undergraduate Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language $424
  Per Course Rate
         Christian Ministry Certificate $584
Student tuition and fees are subject to change.   Fees effective  05/01/2024.