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You must meet with your advisor and receive clearance before you can schedule your classes.  Remember, clearance must be granted for each term (including January and summer terms).   If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Office of Student Records at 270-789-5233.
Academic advising and scheduling for Juniors (57 earned hours) and Seniors (87 earned hours) begins March 29, 2016. 
 Academic advising and scheduling for Sophomores (27 earned hours) begins April 7, 2016.
Academic advising and scheduling for Freshmen begins April 11, 2016.
The new TigerNET interface provides many new and expanded functions as well as the familiar features you've used in the past.  Many have a different look and feel, but the same information is still there.
Functions are "role based."  If you are a student, click on any "Students" page link to find what you need.  Faculty will find what they need on "Faculty" page links,   The same applies for advisors.
Each page has a "Handouts" section with printable helps on the various functions.
You have no incoming announcements.
MIDTERM GRADES - If you are looking for your midterm grades, click on the "Students - Academic" tab on the left side of this page.  Once that page comes up, midterm grades will be posted under "Grade Report".  Professors usually only post deficient midterm grades (D, F, or U).  "WIP" stands for "Work In Progress".

APPLY TO GRADUATE if you have earned at least 70 hours towards a bachelors degree or 35 hours for an associates degree.
WIP = Work in Progress