Connecting Your Devices to Wi-Fi

In this page you will learn how to connect your devices to WiFi.

Connecting to TigerWifi

1) Find Wi-Fi settings on your phone or tablet. In this example we are using an iPhone.

2) Find TigerWifi and click on it.


3) After a few seconds of clicking on TigerWifi this page will pop up. No page popped up?


4) Accept the terms and conditions.

5) Students log in with your TigerNet credentials.
     Faculty log in with the first part of email and email password.


6) If you typed your information correctly you should see a progress bar.


7) Once the network connectivity is established the page will close and your device will be ready to use.


Clicked on TigerWifi and no Page Popped Up? Follow the Steps Below.

1) Make sure TigerWifi is selected.
2) Go to your preferred browser.
3) On the address bar type in
4) Once you type the address in click go.
5) The registration page will show up. Go to Step 4 on Connecting to TigerWifi section and follow the steps to get connected.

Still having problems? Give IT a call at (270) 789-5012 or email