Connect Your Personal Devices to Wi-Fi

In this page you will learn how to connect your personal devices such as phones, tablets, and computers to the on campus Wi-Fi.

Network Resources

Students who are enrolled in classes at Campbellsville University have access to on-campus wired or wireless networks and computer labs. There are over 150 computers available for use in the computer labs. Campbellsville University requires all users to know and abide by the Acceptable Use Policy when utilizing technology on campus.

The use of computers for class work takes precedence over personal use, such as e-mail, internet browsing, games, etc. All users wanting to connect to the internet with their personal device must complete registration with Campbellsville University's Network Access Control. A student is allowed to register a total of 5 network connections each semester. (Network connection examples include: Wired laptop, Wireless laptop, Tablet/iPad, Cell phone, Wired Gaming System, Wireless Gaming System etc.)

All network connections will be made active once you agree to comply with the University's policy and authenticate using the appropriate credentials.

Connect Your Personal Devices to the Wi-Fi

  1. Find Wi-Fi settings on your phone, tablet, or computer and tap or click on TigerWifi. In this example we are using an iPhone, if you are using a computer you'll have to click on "Connect".
  2. After a few seconds of clicking on TigerWifi this page will pop up. If after a few seconds nothing happen, just open a browser and try navigating to any website. Once you see a page asking you to accept the terms and conditions tap or click on "I have read and accept the terms and conditions".
  3. Log in with your TigerNet credentials. If you are a student login using your ID number as the username. If you are an employee you will use the first part of your Campbellsville University email as the username.
  4. If you typed your information correctly you should see a progress bar.
  5. Once the network connectivity is established the page will close and your device will be ready to use.